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Eyelash extensions-

Russian volume

Russian volume lashes are where a handmade fan of very thin lash extensions is applied to each natural lash. These are extremely versatile as they can be used to create a full and fluffy appearance, but smaller fans can also be used to create a more natural appearance. All of our volume fans are handmade which means we can literally tailor each extension to each natural lash, based on your desired look and the length and thickness of your natural lash. 


Classic lashes are where one slightly thicker extension is applied is applied to each lash, instead of a whole fan. The appearance of a classic set will depend on the length and thickness of your natural lashes. The more natural lashes you have, the thicker your set can be. Your set can also be catered to your own requirements by using different lengths and thicknesses. 


Hybrid lashes are a perfect mix of both classic and Russian. These are a great option for anyone who can't choose between the two.


Henna brows

Henna is an alternative, longer lasting method of tinting the brows. It stains the skin swell as tinting the hair, this means we are able to create a shape even with very little brow hair. It also penetrates the hair follicle differently, making the tint on the hair last longer than a regular tint. Therefore it is a great option for anyone who wants longer out of their tint. Brows are also trimmed and shaped to your preference. The henna we use is also vegan and cruelty free, made in a sustainable factory. 



Eyebrow wax and tint

An eyebrow tint is a quicker process than henna brows and can still offer fantastic results, this works really well for those with fuller brows. It can also pick up very light/blonde hairs that aren't usually visible and can make the brow appear thicker. Brows are then trimmed and shaped to your preference.

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